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Baby's Birthday Card Arrives After 75 Years

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

Recovering from chemotherapy during lockdown, Stu Prince found a new mission - reuniting old postcards he'd found at online auctions with their owners. With one card in particular, he helped revive memories that had been buried for decades.

The postcard had been sent a year after World War Two ended, but it still looked bright and colourful. On its front was a cartoon of a rabbit asleep in a crib underneath the heading: "You're one to-day."

On the reverse was a stamp bearing the head of King George, postmarked 27 September 1946. Next to that was an address: Miss F Kaye of 12 Northumberland Mansions, Luxborough Street, London, W1. And there was a neatly written message, too.

"To our loving grand-daughter," it read, "wishing you many returns of the day. And may your future be a happy and peaceful one."

Since he'd begun collecting postcards from online auction sites, Stu Prince, 62, had amassed thousands in the home in Crewe, Cheshire, which he shares with Kim, his wife. But something about this one in particular stood out to him.

He had just started a Facebook page and he posted a photograph of the card asking - more in hope than expectation - if anyone could help reunite it with the one-year-old it had been addressed to. Then he thought nothing more of it.

But not long afterwards he received a message: "I found the baby."

Miss F Kaye, now Mrs Frimette Carr, was so happy to receive the card from Stu, carefully wrapped and cushioned between two bits of cardboard - and it still looks as good as new, even after three quarters of a century.


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