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Beluga Whales Love Singing

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

Man unexpectedly summons Beluga whales by singing and, perhaps even more remarkably, they sing back.

When Paul English went kayaking on the Churchill River in Manitoba, Canada, he got more than he bargained for when he set off hoping to encounter some beluga whales. His innovative approach of conducting marine biology by singing at the top of his lungs actually managed to draw in a pod of these smaller whales who began to interact with his kayak.

After a period of elation and disbelief, he threw on a scuba mask and began to dive and swim near the animals, singing as best he could through his breathing device.

In one of the most extraordinary inter-species duet one is likely to hear, the belugas actually began to sing back to him. Belugas are known as the 'canaries of the sea' due to their chirps and whistles.

We’ll leave it to the scientists (and you?) to decide exactly what these intelligent marine mammals were doing...


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