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Best Ever Newspaper Headlines

Well, not all of them, but certainly 14 particularly clever and entertaining ones.

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End This Chicken Obsession, Urges Fox

The Times, 2017: A story about the UK's Trade Secretary Liam Fox’s talks in America and his frustration on the media’s focus on the somewhat unappetising prospect of chlorinated chicken ending up on UK dinner plates was brilliantly headlined.

Trump Slips On Ban Appeal

HuffPost, 2017: When the U.S. Court of Appeals upheld a block on Trump’s executive order that sought a 90-day travel ban to the U.S. for most nationals of six Muslim-majority nations.

The Banned Played On

A bitter-sweet homophone above a powerful story in London'sThe Guardian in 2002 about musicians defying the Taliban. X Marks The Despot, also in The Guardian the same year, about an election in Saddam Hussein’s Iraq.

Sticking with The Guardian, the following year Where There’s Muck, There’s Bras adorned a tale of a British farmer diversifying into mail-order lingerie. And a handful from 2020 are worthy of mention too. A lyrically homophonous riff on Britain's Education Minister educational woes - Algorithm and Blues - got the thumbs up from readers, along with Summer of Discount Tents (a piece about consumerism and the great outdoors), and A Little Nous on the Prairie about the changing face of ranching in the US.

Arizona Psychic Hit By Car Says He Never Saw It Coming

This story was a headline writer’s dream, but you still have to hand it to the people at Arizona's The Republic newspaper for making the most of the opportunity. Fortunately, Blair Robertson lived to tell the tale despite the untimely lapse in his psychic powers.

Foot Heads Arms Body

The Times, 1986: A story about Michael Foot being put in charge of a committee to look at nuclear disarmament in Europe.

Headless Body in Topless Bar

An iconic headline, and one than cannot be left out of any collection of great newspaper headlines despite the story’s horrific content. This memorable headline was for a New York Post article on the grizzly murder of a topless bar owner in the Bronx.

Sneezy? Grumpy? If You Visit Disney, Use Sanitizer

The Sentinel, 2009: At the time of the H1N1 scare, Disney stepped up its efforts to prevent it in its theme parks.

Old McDonnell Has a Plan. He Eyes IOUs

The Economist, 2017: A story about Labour's shadow Chancellor in Jeremy Corbyn's opposition cabinet.

ZZ Blows His Top

Express, July 2006. After Zinedine Zidane was sent off for a headbutt in the World Cup final.

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