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Best New Artist: Granny Wins Grammy

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

Don’t ever tell Angela Álvarez it’s too late for dreams to come true – the 95-year-old just brought home a Latin Grammy for best new artist, becoming the musical award show’s eldest winner ever. Thus proving, unequivocally, that it's never too late!

Angela Álvarez album cover

Ever since OGN reported in early November that she had been nominated, we have had our collective fingers firmly crossed. Now, amazingly, the Cuban American musician’s crowning moment has come after decades of writing songs but performing them only for friends and family – until, at the age of 90, she went to the Avalon, the historic Hollywood nightclub, and gave her first concert.

Her grandson, Carlos, eventually recorded her songs on to an album with the help of the actor and fellow Cuban who hosted that concert: Andy García. The self-titled record came out last year, setting up her nomination at this weekend's Latin Grammys.

Growing up in pre-revolutionary Cuba, her father and grandfather forbade her from pursuing her love of music. But she wrote songs in secret, as she got married and had children. Then the Cuban revolution that led to decades of leadership under Fidel Castro unfolded. But she never gave up hope.

“To those who have yet to make their dreams come true, know that although life is hard, there’s always a way out and with faith and love everything can be achieved,” Álvarez said in her acceptance speech.

After winning best new artist at the 23rd annual Latin Grammys, Álvarez encouraged all dreamers to keep their wildest hopes burning bright as she basked in front of a standing ovation at the Mandalay Bay Michelob Arena in Las Vegas.

“There are people who give up, but I did not give up - I always fought,” she said during her speech, which she dedicated to Cuba, according to the Los Angeles Times. “I promise you – it’s never too late.”



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