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Biden Abandons Trump's Dystopia

Updated: Apr 10, 2021

Have you noticed how much more serene life has become without the 'noise' coming from Trump's White House?

On Thursday, Joe Biden stepped up to the microphone to deliver his first prime-time address. If you were expecting the new president to take a victory lap, to boast about his remarkable achievements in just 50 days in office, it's understandable. After four years of Trump, many of us became accustomed to self-serving rhetoric. But Biden's address was something altogether different from that.

"I need you," Biden said, leaning into his lectern, "I need every American to do their part." He said that if everyone agrees to get the Covid-19 vaccine, if everyone wears a mask like the CDC advises, "by July the 4th, there's a good chance," that Americans can get together with neighbours and friends in small groups.

Biden was 20 minutes into his speech before he mentioned that he had just signed into law a $1.9 trillion Covid-19 economic relief package that is one of the most significant pieces of legislation in modern history - one that will change the lives of tens of millions of Americans - and that he made it happen less than two months into his presidency, reports CNN.

Instead of a self-serving, boastful address, he offered a moving, compassionate and at the same time uplifting and inspiring speech, acknowledging the losses everyone has suffered. But then he drew attention to the progress America is making, announcing a stepped-up programme of vaccinations, with all adults becoming eligible by 1 May.

When Biden speaks about the pandemic, when he implores Americans to do their part, when he speaks about losses, and about his determination to defeat the virus, there's a striking earnestness in his demeanor. He promises to tell the truth.

It was exactly one year ago that the pandemic was declared; one year ago that Trump gave a national address filled with lies, empty promises, and incoherent information. What followed was an excruciating, dystopian year. Despite having the most advanced medical facilities, some of the world's top scientists, and the greatest economic resources, most Americans lost trust in government. Even the advice from the experts was manipulated for political ends.

Now, Biden has put America's resources to use and the results are tangible. The US has now administered more than 100 million shots of the Covid-19 vaccine.

Then there's the massive $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief package, the American Rescue Package, a bold piece of legislation that economists say will not only turbocharge America's recovery, but will give it such impetus that it will boost economic growth around the world.

Although he had much to brag about, Biden did not come to praise himself. He came to ask for help, and to boost his country's spirits. "This country can do anything," he declared, "hard things, big things, important things." It's early in his presidency, but he sounded believable.


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