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Bike Storage Reaches New Heights

If the drive for new cycle routes in cities across the world is successful, and the number of cyclists continues to grow as rapidly as it has done so this year, Utrecht's new storage facilities may be a common site in many other cities.

The Netherlands has more bicycles than people - 22 million for a population of 17 million - and finding a space to park can be a challenge. To address the problem, the city of Utrecht has opened the world’s largest multi-storey parking area for bicycles at its railway station.

The concrete-and-glass structure has space for 12,500 bikes over three floors, including bikes for rent. It is part of an ongoing drive to enhance cycling infrastructure across the Netherlands.

“There’s still much to be done,” says Stientje van Veldhoven, a junior infrastructure minister. “I’d like us to make better use of what I call this secret weapon against congestion, poor air quality in cities and climate change.”

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