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BMW's Micromobility Car(t)

Americans drive an average of 13,474 miles a year, or the equivalent of four roundtrips from New York to Dallas. Almost half of those car trips, however, are under three miles. That’s a lot of unnecessary gas (both the petrol and greenhouse kind) spent for journeys that don’t necessarily require a 'proper' car.

New BMW designed golf cart that's street legal
Credit: Club Car

Following OGN's recent article about a tiny EV being made by Wink Motors for the US market, another company has come up with an even more unusual solution: golf carts. Well, sort of.

Club Car, one of America’s leading golf cart companies, has launched a whole new breed of electric micromobility vehicle that looks like an oversized golf cart but works like a low-speed car - and meets automotive safety standards. The vehicle, known as the Cru, was designed by BMW’s design innovation studio, Designworks.

The Cru is narrower than a standard car yet longer than a golf cart, making for a roomier, flexible interior that can turn into a socializing space in seconds. Whilst its speed limit is only 25 mph, it's street legal and can be driven on any street with a speed limit of 35 mph or lower, making it a viable alternative for any short trips taken at both neighborhood and city-wide scale.

As micromobility solutions go, it’s an intriguing move - but at $27,000 it's pricey. But in the micromobility market, which is already ripe for disruption, it could drive the practice even further.



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