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Boy Climbing the Height of Mount Everest for Charity

A six-year-old boy is climbing the height of Mount Everest to raise money to help children at a local hospice "have holidays".

Oscar Burrow climbing a mountain in England
Credit: Matt Burrow

Oscar Burrow said he wanted to take on the challenge as "it's the hardest mountain in the world". He had originally decided he wanted to climb the real Mount Everest but his dad Matt helped him come up with a more realistic plan. He is now midway through his quest to climb the equivalent height in the UK.

"He had been learning about Sir Edmund Hillary, one of the first men to conquer Mount Everest, in school and decided that he wanted to be the youngest to ever conquer it," said Oscar's dad, Matt Burrow.

"I explained to him why this might be a little bit tricky, but I didn't want to dash his dreams, so we came up with a plan to climb the highest mountains in Great Britain."

Oscar, who started his challenge in October, has already raised £1,400 ($1,735) and is trying to reach £8,849, the exact height of Mount Everest in metres. The funds raised will go to Derian House which provides respite and end-of-life care to over 400 children across the North West of England.

"The walks don't scare me, but sometimes my fingers get a bit cold," said Oscar. Kerry Pritchard, from Derian House, described Oscar as a "courageous superstar".

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