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Boy Gifted a Hero Arm in Time for Christmas

A 10-year-old born missing his arm below-the-elbow has just had a bionic arm delivered by the National Health Service in the UK for free and in time for Christmas!

10 year old boy with Iron Man styled bionic arm
Credit: Open Bionics

Harry wanted a bionic arm to be able to do two-handed activities with his friends like ride a bike or go karting. He used to have various prosthetic solutions but Harry said they weighed him down “I’ve had one arm with a strap around the shoulder, but when riding my bike I had to really lean forward which was uncomfortable on my shoulder. And another prosthetic arm, all it did was barely open and close which I don’t use.”

Harry continued “With the Hero Arm, I can do so many grips, and it has freeze mode, which means when I grip things it locks so I don’t drop them. I also love the design.”

He certainly going to be hugging and opening presents as fast as everyone else!

The Iron Man-themed design is just one option the manufacturers provide for kids and adults.

With several different grip modes and technology that detects movements of the muscles in Harry’s arm and translate them into intuitive responses, it’s exactly the kind of non-invasive prosthetic that a sporty 10-year-old needs.

Engineered and manufactured in the UK by Open Bionics, the Hero Arm is now available in over 800 locations in the USA, UK, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.

“When he got it yesterday, he was just beaming, he couldn’t wait to show everybody,” said his grandmother.


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