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Britain's Remotest Pub Saved

Updated: May 7, 2022

A community buyout has secured the future of Britain's least accessible boozer.

Punters at mainland Britain’s most remote pub have secured the future of their beloved boozer after raising enough money to buy it through a community share offer. The buyout is a triumph not just for locals, but for a model of ownership that is saving many UK pubs.

Accessible only by boat or a two-day hike through rugged Scottish scenery, The Old Forge is the sole pub in Inverie village (population: 110). For years, it has been a hub for the community and tourists, but its future looked uncertain when the previous owner closed it during winter and put the place up for sale.

Emboldened by other community buyouts, locals got organised. They formed the Old Forge Community Benefit Society and raised £320,000 through a community share offer, with additional funding coming from the Scottish Land Fund and Community Ownership Fund. The pub is set to reopen at Easter.


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