Buy NHS workers a pint

Cheer - and a beer - to those that need it most.

As many people pickle their livers at home each night during lockdown, they may be wishing they could pour a glass for the NHS workers trying to keep us safe. Well, now they can. Brew Gooder, based in Glasgow, has set up “One On Us”, a way for beer fans to buy a few pints for NHS staff. Philanthropic boozers can purchase a four-pack for £6 to be donated to “NHS champions”, who can either self-nominate or be put forward by someone else. “It’s not much, but with beer nationally recognised as a currency of gratitude, it’s a small gesture to show your appreciation to a tireless NHS worker that you don’t know and may never meet. A way of saying, ‘Here’s one on us,’” the company says. In the first 48 hours of the campaign, Brits bought over 4,000 beers for NHS workers.