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BYD Seagull: A Ridiculously Cheap EV

This sleek little hatchback is one of the best deals on the electric-car market.

The BYD Seagull
The BYD Seagull | BYD

The bargain-bin Seagull comes from BYD, a Chinese carmaker that is rapidly taking over the country's competitive EV market and showing that electric doesn't have to mean expensive.

Warren Buffet, the legendary American investor, initially invested $232 million in the automaker in 2008, creating billions of dollars in profits and still owns 153.3 million shares of BYD, which represents a 14 percent stake.

BYD's Seagull recently went on sale with a starting price of 73,800 yuan, or roughly $10,600, rising to around 89,800 yuan (around $13,000) for a higher spec model. It's an astonishingly low price point in the global EV market. In China, the Tesla Model 3 costs the equivalent of $33,000.

The cheapest Seagull delivers 305 km (190 miles) of range, BYD says. The pricier version with a slightly larger battery pack returns an impressive 405 km (251 miles).

So how big - or small - is the Seagull? Well, it's a little shorter than a Mini Cooper and a little longer than a Fiat 500. BYD hasn't said whether it'll sell the Seagull outside of China, but it already exports other EVs to Europe and South America, so it might soon be coming to a charging station near you.



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