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Chicken Apprehended at Pentagon Checkpoint

Why did the chicken cross the road? To break into the Pentagon and pose a threat to national security, obviously.

rhode island red chicken

A unnamed wandering chicken was caught sneaking around a security area at the Pentagon last week, reports the Military Times.

Whilst there was no apparent need for the establishment to change its DefCon status, the Rhode Island red certainly caused a kerfuffle when it was discovered running loose early one morning near the US Department of Defense headquarters on the outskirts of Washington DC, the Animal Welfare League of Arlington, Virginia wrote on social media.

“Apparently, the answer to ‘why did the chicken cross the road’ is to get to the Pentagon,” the group posted. The chicken, which did not have a security clearance or any of the correct paperwork, was taken into custody by one of the league’s employees.

Chelsea Jones, a spokesperson for the organization, said she couldn’t reveal the precise location where the bird was spotted. “We are not allowed to disclose exactly where she was found,” Jones said. “We can only say it was at a security checkpoint.”

It’s also unclear where the chicken came from or how she got to the Pentagon.

Jones described the hen as “sweet” and “nervous” and has asked people online for name suggestions, prompting various creative responses.

“I mean, chicken found on the military installation … I suggest Colonel Sanderson,” one user wrote.

Another said, “Chick Cheney, after the former Defense Secretary and VP.”

“Hentagon!” someone else wrote. Similarly, another user said, “Henrietta Kissinger?”

“It’s probably not a joke that this chicken will prompt Congress to increase Department of Defense spending by $12 billion,” tweeted Martin Austermuhle.


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