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Conscious Capitalism is Not an Oxymoron

A new report ranks the best companies to work for in 2021, based on how they treat people and the planet. That most are currently hiring is, perhaps, testament to the resilience of compassionate organisations in tough times.

Ten years ago, Harvard Business Review published a report that was titled Conscious Capitalism is Not an Oxymoron which, at the time, seemed rather radical. Its conclusion? That companies practising “conscious capitalism” performed ten times better than their peers.

Last week, a list called Escape 100, was published ranking the best purpose-led companies to work for around the world. The ranking was compiled by Escape the City, a career site that links purpose-driven jobseekers with mission-led companies. It rated 8,000 global organisations in a number of areas, including social impact, environmental concern and employee engagement. Taking top honours was London-based social enterprise Too Good To Go, which tackles food waste by linking people with surplus meals. It was featured in OGN last September.

The organisations listed in Escape 100 vary in size, industry and location. All, however, are united by a determination to solve real world problems, including ocean pollution, climate change and food waste.

“Our mission has always been to shine a light on organisations doing things differently, but it feels more important than ever this year,” said Dom Jackman, Escape the City’s founder. “As we look ahead, we know that progressive employers will have an important but challenging part to play in helping the economy to not only recover, but build back better.”

He added: “This list has been designed to rank organisations on the metrics that really matter. What are they doing to save our planet? How do they look after their people? What problems are they solving? These are all things that jobseekers want to know in 2021, and we hope this list helps talented people discover interesting opportunities and organisations that they might not have found otherwise.”

Click here if you would like to see the complete Escape 100 list.


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