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House of Mouse: Disney's Venture Into Themed Housing

With revenue from cinema and streaming falling in recent years, income from Disney’s “experience” division is soaring, and property development is the next logical step. So, coming soon in the Californian desert is a place called Cotino, a “Storyliving by Disney community”.

No doubt many avid Disney fans will think this is a wonderful idea, but with house prices ranging from $1m to $2m, not everyone will be able to live in "the happiest place on Earth".

Artist’s rendering of Disney's Cotino clubhouse
Artist’s rendering of the Cotino clubhouse, inspired by Incredibles 2 | Credit: Storyliving by Disney

At the intersection of Frank Sinatra Drive and Bob Hope Drive - named after two Hollywood celebrities who used to frequent the area’s exclusive country clubs - a billboard announces the arrival of Cotino, a “Storyliving by Disney community”. In this square mile of desert near Palm Springs there will soon stand a gleaming new world of 2,000 homes (designed by Disney Imagineers) arranged around a 24 acre lake (kept an unnatural shade of Avatar blue all year round), where every aspect of life will be curated by the entertainment corporation.

Cotino offers super-fans a place to live out their wildest dreams; a chance to live in a Disney movie “where the story is all about you”. It will feature a clubhouse inspired by the futuristic mansion from Incredibles 2, where neighbours can bond over Disney-themed art lessons, enjoy dinners inspired by Disney stories and join family days with Disney-related activities.

The 'House of Mouse' themed homes promise to be “infused with the company’s special brand of magic”, while a forthcoming town centre, featuring a street market where local artists will sell Disney-themed arts and crafts, will be “abundant with opportunities for laughter”. Cotino seems to be as close as you can get to living in Disneyland itself, with every detail honed by Disney imagineers, every service provided by Disney “cast members” (i.e. staff).

Crazy or brilliant? Time will tell...


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