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Countries in The World Where It's Best to be a Woman

New research has ranked countries around the world according to the status of women.

Three women laughing and smiling together

The 2023 Women, Peace and Security Index was launched this week, ranking countries around the world in terms of the status of women. The Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO), which co-authored the index with Georgetown University's Institute for Women, drew on data measuring inclusion, justice and security for women.

They used 13 indicators in total that ranged from education and employment laws to perceptions of safety and violence, and ranked 177 countries across the globe. It noted that societies where women are doing well are also more peaceful, democratic, prosperous and better prepared to adapt to climate change.

Europe dominates the top 10 - with Denmark topping the global list. New Zealand, the first country in the world to give women the vote (1893) taking tenth slot.

  1. Denmark

  2. Switzerland

  3. Sweden

  4. Finland

  5. Iceland

  6. Luxembourg

  7. Norway

  8. Austria

  9. Netherlands

  10. New Zealand

Other notable positions are Australia (11th), Ireland (13th), Canada (17th), UK (26th), and United States (37th).

It's interesting to note that the top 10 list looks very similar to the 2023 World Happiness Index.

With its scores, rankings, and robust data, the WPS Index offers a valuable tool for people working on issues of women, peace, and security. Policymakers can use it to pinpoint where resources are needed. Academics can use it to study trends within indicators and across regions. Journalists can use it to give context and perspective to their stories. And activists can use it to hold governments accountable for their promises on advancing the status of women.

Here's the link for the executive summary of the WPS Index, which includes the ranking position of all 177 countries analysed.


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