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Cows Fly Down the Mountain

After their summer sojourn in the high Swiss Alpine meadows some cows got a head start on their healthier herdmates when they got helicopter rides down the mountain.

In Klausenpass, Switzerland, cows find their way to lower pastures for autumn. However, some cattle are unable to make the journey because of age or injury. Or perhaps they have simply outsmarted their bovine brethren and realize they can be flown via helicopter down the mountain and fancy the thrill of an aerial adventure.

A farmer told Global News that some places in the Swiss Alps are difficult to access by road. Thus ten or so cows that can’t make the voyage get to enjoy a little airlift as a treat. They’re strapped into a mesh harness and suspended in the air by a cable that’s attached to a helicopter. One by one, they’re transferred down the mountain.

The farmer added that the cows seem relatively unfazed: “I didn’t notice any difference between the ones that flew and the ones that walked normally.”


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