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Cute Animal Videos

It’s official: Study by Leeds University finds that watching cute animals is good for your health. It lowers heart rates, drops blood pressure and greatly reduces anxiety.

Cheering Up Penguins: (1 minute) Penguins who couldn't be entertained properly at a zoo in Cornwall during lockdown have been cheered up - with a bubble machine.

Baby Red Squirrel: (15 seconds) Ever wondered what a baby red squirrel sounds like? Dani Connor, studying zoology at Exeter University in the UK, posted on her twitter feed: "I have recently become a “mum” to four baby red squirrels after their mum was unfortunately hit by a car. Over the past two weeks, they have gained my trust and recognise my voice. They remain in the wild and I visit them every day." And she's even recorded one of the cute little things enjoying a nut:

Kitten Raised by Husky Thinks She's a Dog (1 minute)

Game of Bones: (1 minute) BBC Sports Commentator, Andrew Cotter, turns his skills to new opportunities.

Social Distancing? (3 minutes) If you're fed up with social distancing and want to enjoy crowds again, this wonderful video of penguins huddling together for warmth, and organising the sharing rota for the cold outer edge of the crowd, may provide you with some sort of temporary emotional antidote.

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