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Only Good News

Tuesday's collection of positive news nuggets.

  • Buildings, landmarks, and monuments in America are turning off lights to prevent fatal impacts as birds set off on spring migration. Since late last year, at least six U.S. cities have joined forces with the 35 other places where the society, local organizations, ornithology experts and some of the nation's largest companies have been helping birds navigate in urban centers. The efforts are gaining ground in cities including Chicago, Houston, and New York.

  • Germany is to raise its target for carbon emissions reduction by 2030 to 65 percent from 55 percent. Under the new targets, reported by Der Spiegel, Germany would aim for net zero emissions by 2045, five years earlier than initially planned.

  • Expect to see more lycra in Cornwall from September - the English county is to get a new 150-mile cycle route at the end of the summer. Joining the dots between bronze age monuments, old industrial sites and celebrated coastal scenery, the West Kernow Way will begin and end in Penzance, and is designed to be ridden over three to four days. The route was plotted by the charity Cycling UK, in collaboration with local landowners, and will take riders along bridleways, byways and quiet stretches of country roads.

  • Some planes land late and others make it to the gate on time, but a recent flight from Salt Lake City to Honolulu is giving a whole new meaning to the term “early arrival.” Halfway through the fateful trip, the crew had to make an announcement seeking out medical personnel to help a woman who was about to give birth. In very good news for the mum-to-be, the plane just happened to have an experienced doctor and a trio of neonatal nurses on-board too!

  • Good news for super-rich super-yacht owners: We're not sure any OGN readers fit this category but, just in case one or more of you do, you'll be pleased to know that Bugatti is selling a 'self-levelling' table to superyacht owners who want to play pool at sea. Hi-tech will ensure your sporting accessory remains perfectly level during a choppy voyage. For a mere £217,000 sophisticated computer technology will keep the pool table perfectly level as your 'boat' ploughs through the waters of the Mediterranean or the Persian Gulf.

  • Act of kindness: During a snowstorm earlier this year, Jimmy Preston spotted John Brandeberry walking along the road, heading in to work. Preston stopped and gave Brandeberry a lift to his job. After the encounter, Preston and the non-profit Blessings in Disguise gave Brandeberry the finances to take driver’s education courses and get his driver’s license. And now, with driver’s license in hand, Brandeberry received one more surprise: a 2013 Toyota Rav4 that has been fully paid off, plus the necessary insurance.

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Fabulous new ad released by Wrigleys will lighten your mood and help you celebrate that it's nearly all over! They call it a 'fresh start'.


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