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OGN Friday

Updated: Apr 10, 2021

Wrapping up the week with a bundle of positive news snippets.

  • A set of 15 images are being released by the Eve Arnold estate as posters to help fulfil Arnold’s wishes for her work to be affordable, accessible folk art. Prints would normally cost more than £1,000. The images include two unseen images of Marilyn Monroe on the set of the Misfits, like the one above where she's learning her lines in a car in Nevada, in 1960. The full collection of images are available for the bargain price of £30 from

  • In great news for the vast majority of Americans, Joe Biden has just signed his $1.9 trillion covid relief bill into law. It's supported by 70% of Americans, according to the BBC, yet not a single Republican senator voted in favour of the bill.

  • In good news for early rising star gazers, a rare astronomical phenomenon of three planets aligning is occuring at the moment. Jupiter, Saturn, and Mercury are visible in the pre-dawn sky at the moment, along with a crescent moon. Look to the south east to see this framed alignment.

  • According to the esteemed New England Journal Of Medicine, the Pfizer vaccine may be effective against the Brazil, UK and South Africa coronavirus variants.

  • Iceland turns CO2 into stone: Capturing and storing carbon dioxide is an immensely promising avenue and funding is pouring in. “Basically we are just doing what nature has been doing for millions of years, so we are helping nature help itself.”

  • Exotic pheasant thought not to exist in the wild has been spotted in a Scottish garden by a university student. The brightly coloured Lady Amherst’s Pheasant, with its striking plumage and long black and white tail feathers, was captured on camera wandering around a garden in St Andrews, Fife.

  • WWI Flying Hobgoblin: First Indian fighter pilot for Royal Flying Corps will be immortalised in statue to remember the thousands of Sikhs who fought for Britain and its allies in WWI.

  • Hats off to Edgar McGregor, a student from California, who has spent over a year picking up rubbish in a local park, which is now free of litter. Edgar, who's 20, visited Eaton Canyon daily for 589 days, and it's now spick and span.

  • The world’s biggest automaker teases its first ever global electric vehicle with a sneak picture ahead of next week’s launch. The X Prologue will be the first Toyota EV released outside China for the notoriously EV-shy Japanese car giant.

  • Hubble tech to map whale sharks: High above our planet, the Hubble Space Telescope has special software for analysing stars, now this technology is being turned back towards Earth to help marine research - by analysing the unique spots on whale sharks.

  • Hospital food is pretty ghastly, processed and not very healthy. However, for patients recovering in Beirut's Hakek Hospital, they're now being fed nourishing, healthy vegan cuisine which they expect will help patients recover their health more quickly. They say it's their moral responsibility to align the practices and actions of the hospital with emerging nutritional research.

  • Solar powered car: The Aptera electric car is actually a trike (with three wheels) and looks like something out of a Batman movie. It's super-aerodynamic, covered in solar panels and represents another interesting option for a cheap, convenient daily run-around - and expects to start delivering its cars to customers by the end of the year.

  • Enjoy this gorgeous 3 minute tour of Mont Saint Michel...


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