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Today's Good News

Updated: May 20, 2021

Thursday's bite sized chunks of good news.

  • The potential for recycling our CO2 emissions takes on a whole new dimension with Air Company, a startup that produces premium vodka from atmospheric carbon. Air Company converts CO2 into ethanol in the same way that plants use photosynthesis. The ethanol is of such high purity that it creates premium spirits. Their vodka now sells at $75 a bottle at high-end New York bars. Cheers!

  • Pfizer has asked the UK regulator to approve its vaccine for use in young teenagers as US watchdogs signalled their approval for the step. The pharmaceutical giant has formally asked for permission to use the jab in 12 to 15-year-olds and it's likely this will be approved well before the end of July - the point at which the Government aims to have offered a jab to all adults. Matt Hancock, Health Minister, secured an extra 60 million doses of the Pfizer vaccine last month, following a trial that showed 100 percent efficacy among 12 to 15-year-olds.

  • NFL star Rob Gronkowski is donating $1.2 million to help restore a beloved playground in Boston. Gronkowski made the donation through his organization, the Gronk Nation Youth Foundation, which is dedicated to helping kids through sports, education, fitness and community development. "The concept of this playground will be to motivate kids to be outdoors, get fit and have fun," Gronkowski said. "I hope this playground inspires the next generation of athletes."

  • Sunset Boulevard: As Norma Desmond insists, the pictures got small. But even streamed on a laptop, you won’t want to miss Leicester Curve’s concert version of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical, based on Billy Wilder’s classic. The tale of a flat tyre, a faded idol and a body in the pool is told with a 16-piece orchestra and stars Ria Jones and Danny Mac. Until 15 May.

  • Tour de France organisers reveal women’s race will be revived in 2022, for the first time since 1989.

  • There has been much talk about the positive impact that a silent ocean has on the wellbeing and behaviour of whales. So, it's great news that the waters around Iceland - home to 23 species, including humpback, minke, blue, orca and pilot whales - has a new, silent whale watching tour aboard an electric boat. And everyone is happy!

  • Greece has pledged to fully vaccinate the population of its 6,000 islands by the end June in a bid to boost tourism.

  • A group of researchers from a trio of US universities partnered with the National Park Service to analyze 18 studies on how natural sounds can impact human health. Their results, published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, shows that listening to nature has incredibly positive effects, including a decrease in stress and pain, an improvement in cognitive performance, and enhancement in mood. It's no big surprise, but good to know.

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