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Only Good News Tuesday

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

Today's good news nuggets.

  • The Guardian recently asked its readers for their opinion on 'when and why did men stop wearing hats?' OGN's favourite theory was: "My mum (b.1952) said that one of the main things she noticed when JFK came on the scene was that he was shown on the television being interviewed and on the news without a hat, something very unusual at that time, and that “virtually overnight” all the men in Manchester stopped wearing hats. This led us to hypothesise that poor President Kennedy may have been knocked off by a group of irate milliners." However, the general concensus for the real reason why hats went out of favour was a combination of the trend for longer hair and the advent of central heating in the 1960s

  • Researchers have discovered a new island off the coast of Greenland, which they believe is the world’s northernmost point of land. The island, measuring roughly 30m (100ft) across and a peak of about 3m, consists of seabed mud as well as moraine - soil and rock left behind by moving glaciers. One of the scientists who found it said: “It was not our intention to discover a new island.” The yet-to-be-named island replaces Oodaaq as the northernmost island on the planet, and slips from the top of the list of rediculously difficult pub quiz questions.

  • Imagine you're a 10 year old girl who's mad keen on drumming - and very talented. And in August 2020, you challenge the drummer of your favourite band - Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters - to a drum-off to the band's song Everlong. He accepts and after the drum-off, concedes defeat. This leads to the start of a friendship between Dave and Nandi that culminates in (the now 11 year old girl) being invited by the band to drum live in California, in front of a vast crowd, to Everlong. If you've got 9 minutes, watch her giant smile and great performance here. It's a dream come true!

  • There's a new kid on the EV block. For years, Tesla has been holding the key to EVs with the longest range, with its Model S Plaid packing a decent 396 mile range, and its Roadster promising a mighty 620 miles when it joins our roads. But until the Roadster comes to life, Tesla has a formidable rival who just threw their hat in the ring, and it comes in the form of Lucid Motor's Lucid Air EV. Deliveries start later this year, with a tried and tested, impressive 517 mile range. Goodbye range anxiety. Pity it comes with a $169,000 price tag.

  • Sweden lines up Magdalena Andersson to be its first woman prime minister. Sweden is currently the only Nordic country without a female prime minister, and if Ms Andersson succeeds Mr Lofven, it will get its first a full 40 years after Norway, nearly 20 years after Finland, and a decade after Denmark.

  • Fun Fact: Greenland sharks are the longest living vertebrates on earth, with one individual thought to be over 400 years old. Greenland sharks are giant, reaching up to 5m in length, and live in the cold deep waters of the North Atlantic. They are rarely seen, and little is known about them.

Following inevitable snags and delays, NASA's James Webb Space Telescope is getting closer and closer to its launch site and date, as the American space agency just confirmed it completed its final tests. The space telescope is getting ready to be shipped in September to its launch site in French Guiana. Once launched (no date yet set), it will require approximately six months before its intended scientific operations begin, including peering so far back in time that it hopes to reveal the dawn of the cosmos.

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