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Daily Good News

Collection of upbeat news nuggets to brighten the day.

  • Too Good To Go is a food-saving app that lets you buy whatever your favourite restaurant has left over at the end of the day. Too Good To Go customers can reserve a one price “surprise bag” from their favorite restaurant or store. The bag consists of whatever food the restaurant or store has left at the end of the day for a discounted price. ⁠The app has saved about 200,000 meals from landfills since its U.S. launch in September 2020. It's also available in 15 other countries across the world.⁠

  • Researchers have figured out a way to rapidly recharge ultra dense batteries capable of powering flying cars, theoretically making them suitable for everyday use. The breakthrough with electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) vehicles could enable the commercialisation of new systems. “I hope that the work we have done in will give people a solid idea that we don’t need another 20 years to finally get these vehicles,” said Chao-Yang Wang, director of the Electrochemical Engine Center, Penn State.

  • Turning off building lights at night can save migrating birds from crashing into buildings, a study based on decades of research has shown. Scientists found that on nights when half the windows of a large building in Chicago were darkened, there were 11 times fewer bird collisions during spring migration and six times fewer collisions during autumn migration than when all the windows were lit. Several cities in the US are already turning off lights. It would be good news if many more followed suit.

  • Vegetarians are 73 percent less likely to get severe Covid-19 than their meat-eating peers, a new study claims. Self-declared pescetarians were also found to be at 59 percent less at risk than someone who regularly consumes red meat or poultry. The research, published in the respected British Medical Journal, examined data from 2,884 healthcare workers across six countries including the UK.

  • Licensed cannabis shops in the US state of Washington have been given the green light to offer free joints as an incentive to get a Covid-19 vaccination. The effort nicknamed 'Joints for Jabs' can give away a single pre-rolled joint to anyone over 21 who gets a shot at an on-site vaccine clinic by 12 July. American governors, health officials and community leaders are trying different incentives to prop up waning vaccination rates.

  • China's 'artificial sun' tokamak just smashed a fusion world record. The formidable reactor reached 120 million degrees Celsius for an astounding 101 seconds. The breakthrough could help pave the way for a carbon-neutral energy future. That really would be good news.

  • NASA has announced that it’s getting even more ambitious with its space exploration and will be launching two missions to Venus between 2028 and 2030.

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