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Daily Optimistic News

Updated: Oct 16, 2021

If you are looking for a daily dose of optimistics news, look no further!

Only Good News Daily scours the globe, every day, seeking out the positive stories that help us all look at the picture from the point of view of a glass at least half full. OGN has editors sprinkled across the northern and southern hemispheres looking for the best stories. Upbeat, inspirational, optimistic, uplifting, heart warming and, as often as possible, funny. Stuff that makes you smile!

Unlike the mainstream media, who seem to relish the negative, there's loads of upbeat, optimistic news out there if you care to look for it and report it. Which is the guiding principle of OGN Daily - if it's not likely to put a spring in your step, why would you want to read OGN Daily? You can get the shit someplace else.

OGN Daily is a free online good news newspaper which you can access whenever you like. Alternatively, you can easily sign up for our daily e-newspaper (it takes less than 10 seconds and you can unsubscribe just as easily) and enjoy a daily bundle of good news stories delivered by email. What's not to like about waking up to positive news? Sign up.

Not convinced? Have a surf around our website to see the sorts of good news we cover every day.

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