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Deliveryman Leaps From Bridge To Rescue Drowning Woman

In a viral story circulating on Chinese social media, Peng Qinglin can be seen gripping the railing of a bridge which spans the Qiantang River, before leaping 40 feet into the water below.

Man jumping off a bridge in China to save a drowning woman
Credit: Daily Chinese News Official

The 31-year-old delivery rider then swam toward a distressed woman struggling in the river, reaching out to grasp her arm and guiding her to safety.

Peng, who works for the Chinese food delivery giant Meituan, shared that he was in the midst of delivering an order on his e-bike while crossing the bridge when he was alerted to the woman's predicament by bystanders, saying: "I was definitely frightened because the bridge looked so high, but I didn't think too much of it, as I just wanted to save her."

Remarkably, and rather brilliantly, when Peng returned to dry land, his first words were: "My delivery is going to be late."

In recognition of his heroic intervention, the Hangzhou police awarded Peng the First Class Public Security Honor Medal and a cash reward of 30,000 yuan ($4,100). Meituan also showed its appreciation by granting him 50,000 yuan ($6,900) and the opportunity to pursue higher education tuition-free. This is definitely a case of one good turn deserves another.

Despite the accolades, Peng remained modest, stating: "I'm just a delivery guy like many others. If I meet someone in danger, I will definitely lend a helping hand."


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