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Dog Gets Her Own Billboard

Animal advocate Scott Poore’s company, Mission Driven Goods, is a pet-centric venture promoting products aimed at helping long-term shelter pets get adopted.

A pit bull called Sally-Sue has been waiting a long time to get adopted. She's been stuck in a shelter for two years waiting for someone to come along and provide her with a forever home. Scott Poore's company has a brilliant way for helping make sure that happens.

He recently took out a 30-foot billboard that now features Sally-Sue’s face and a 'will you adopt me' plea to potential pet parents to make room in their heart and their home.

“On social media, we tend to promote the same story to the same people,” Poore told KMBC News. “A billboard, especially on I-35, it’s going to get thousands of views… All we need is that one right person to go by, make eye contact with the billboard, and we’re saving another life.”

The moment Sally-Sue finds a permanent home, her face will be replaced on the billboard by another deserving pooch. Fingers crossed!



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