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Dramatic Beach Rescue

In very good news for a struggling swimmer in Hawaii, as Australian surfer Mikey Wright charges into the surf to rescue her on New Year's Day. All caught on video.

An Instagram video has caught an Australian pro surfer, Mikey Wright, heroically charging into the waves to rescue a woman being swept away by strong currents in Hawaii. He was looking out over a beach, thought to be on Oahu’s north shore, when he saw a beachgoer struggling in the surf.

Although other beachgoers could be seen trying to help and reach the struggling swimmer, the current was too strong. Up steps Wright, declaring, the swimmer is “going to need to get saved”. Some of the beachgoers can be heard on the video doubting Wright, with someone heard saying “you can’t save him”.

But that doesn’t stop the pro surfer handing over his phone, which is still filming, jumping the fence and charging into the surf. Fighting the surging ocean and difficult conditions, Wright dives in and picks up the woman, and although they were submerged multiple times, successfully pulls her out of the surf.

A group of people awaited them on the beach, including Mikey's sister, helping them from the water and pulling them to safety.

Wright posted footage of the rescue on Instagram with the caption: “hold my beer”. The video was also posted by Wright’s sister, Tyler, who captioned it herself by saying “Closing out 2020 with some hero shit by [Mikey].”

It has been re-posted by surfers around the world, and has been viewed thousands of times, as people celebrate Wright’s bravery.

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