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Drone Photo Awards 2022

Here are a selection of OGN's favourite shots from this year's awards. The overall winner is featured at the end...

Aerial view of farm workers drying salt
Salt Farm Workers Harvesting | Saurabh Sirohiya

Some laborers at work in a salt pan where they move the salt to form circular lines allowing a slow evaporation under the hot sun. At the end of the day the salt will be collected in baskets.

Aerial view of camel shadows in the desert
Shadows of the Desert | Bastian Brüsecke

Sometimes we have to look at the shadow of a subject first to understand what it is about. The photographer took this picture on a several weeks-long desert expedition. Especially in the Omani part of the Empty Quarter there are still some wild camels living today and they appear out of nowhere. With some patience he could photograph them from this perspective.

Aerial view of flying flamingos
Fly over | Hua Shang

Flying over the two lakes of Natron and Magadi on an helicopter allowed the photographer to take this picture. The clouds in the sky are reflected on the lake, and the flamingos are flying over it creating a magical atmosphere. From above, the colors and patterns change with the light and the direction of the wind, which is like a painter's palette, colorful and constantly changing.

Floating islands, known as "Phumdis" on Loktak Lake
Floating Islands | Aakash Selvan

"Phumdis" are a series of floating islands, exclusive to the Loktak Lake, in northeastern India. They cover a great part of the lake and are heterogeneous masses of vegetation, soil, and organic matter in different stages of decay. "Phumdis" are used by the local people as enclosures for fishing and are inhabited by about 4000 people.

Aerial view of giant sand dunes meeting the ocean
Meeting | David Rouge

This picture is the result of a dream come true: the meeting of the desert and the ocean. As the drone climbed higher, the photographer noticed a particular atmosphere, where the light highlighted the delicious shapes of these dunes flowing into the South Atlantic Ocean.

Huge crowd of flamingos viewed from above
Solidarity | Mehdi Mohebipour

Flamingos sleep together at night for greater security and stay close together during the day, thus protecting each other. In this crowd of bodies the colorful nuances of the plumage and the reflections of the light stand out.

And here's the overall winner...

Aerial view of a volcano spewing lava
Big Bang | Armand Sarlangue

In the picture, a secondary fissure happening a few hundreds meters from the main crater of Fagradalsfjall volcano, during the very last eruptive phase. It was captured as a storm was hitting west Iceland, with rain and strong winds. Due to the difficult conditions, a drone capture like this is unique.

If you would like to see all the finalists from this competition, please see Drone Photo Awards 2022


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