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Earth's US Lawyers

They're called Earthjustice.

Planet Earth floating in space.

The most powerful tool for change is the law. Behind nearly every major environmental win in the US, you’ll probably find non-profit Earthjustice was involved.

Their legal work has saved irreplaceable wildlands, cleaned up the air we breathe, and fuelled the rise of 100 percent clean energy. It has protected countless species on the brink of extinction, and secured long-overdue, historic limits on our nation’s worst polluting industries. When they go to court, as their website says, they get results.

Drilling in Alaska. Toxic algae blooms in Florida. Leaking coal ash ponds in Illinois. Oil spills in the Gulf of Mexico. With 14 offices, and 170 lawyers, the Earthjustice teams are on the ground, fighting for issues that matter in local communities - and achieving results that resonate on a national scale. And they serve their clients for free.

Earthjustice was created to fight — and win — for our planet in court. But they can't do it without your support. If that's of interest to you (it certainly is for the planet), you may like to consider donating because, as they say, Earth needs a good lawyer.


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