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eBussy for Free Spirits

Modular EV that's also a camper, pickup truck and more. It will cost €15,800 when it hits roads sometime next year.

It turns out nostalgic consumers won't have to wait for Volkswagen's ID Buzz to get their hands on an electric microbus. A German company called Electric Brands is working on a VW Bus-inspired EV called the eBussy. But there's more to the eBussy than a mere nostalgia play. In addition to both urban and off-road chassis variants, you can configure the modular vehicle with 10 different body styles, allowing it to function as a minivan, pickup, flatbed, camper and more.   

Another nifty feature of the EV is that you can slide the steering wheel across the dashboard to configure it for left, right or even center driving. That's because both the steering and pedals use a drive-by-wire system, which means they're electronically instead of mechanically connected to the front wheels.

The base model eBussy will start at €15,800 ($18,525), with the most expensive model, the off-road camper, coming in at €28,800 ($33,309). If all goes according to plan, the eBussy will make its way to European roads sometime next year. No word yet on if Electric Brands plans to bring the EV stateside.

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