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Elevating a Slice of Toast to Zen Art

The humble slice of toast has been artfully elevated by Manami Sasaki. She creates artistic interpretations of what this simple daily staple can look like with enough love and attention and, of course, talent.

Manami, a Japanese designer and artist, uses each slice of bread as a canvas to create different food art that are both beautiful and edible. To create each piece, Sasaki uses ingredients such as tomatoes, nuts, blueberries and sour cream, deriving inspiration from Japanese rock gardens one day to Bruno Munari’s tile projects the next. You can follow her on Instagram.

Feast your eyes on a few of her delicious creations...

Toast decorated with cucumber

Toast decorated with lines of paste like a zen garden

Blueberries and cream cheese dotted on toast

Avocado on toast made to look like a pantone card

Syrup on toast drawing

Tomato and bay leafs on toast

Who do you know who would love to see this photos? Feel free to share!

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