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EverGiven Returns to Suez Canal for Another Attempt

Updated: Oct 2, 2021

In a re-run of the trip that dominated global headlines in March this year, the 400m long container ship that got stuck in the canal for nearly a week, disrupting global trade, is having another go at navigating its way down the Suez canal.

Several weeks after finally unloading its cargo at the UK port of Felixstowe - after lengthy negotiations over who should bear the costs of blocking the canal, and undisclosed damages duly paid – the EverGiven returned to Port Said, Egypt, on Thursday night, reports the Guardian.

Yesterday, it began its return journey along the 120 mile (190km) canal, with the world of maritime trade holding its breath. Taking no chances, the Panamanian-flagged, Japanese-owned ship was accompanied by two tug boats, said the state-owned newspaper Al-Ahram. According to early reports, the ship has successfully negotiated the early stages of the canal on its way toward the Red Sea. So far, so good.

But it has still got a long way to go along the 204m wide canal and, no doubt, the ship's captain has his fingers firmly crossed that he makes it successfully along the rest of his journey without being slammed by high winds en route and ending up nose first in the sand. Again.

It will be very good news if the infamous EverGreen does indeed make it out into the open waters of the Red Sea. OGN will let you know on Monday.


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