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Explora Journeys: Eco-Friendly Cruise Line

In an era where environmental consciousness is imperative, it's good news to know that Explora Journeys is emerging as a beacon of responsible tourism, placing sustainability at the forefront of its operations. Partnering with Fincantieri, a renowned shipbuilding company, Explora Journeys is dedicated to constructing ships of tomorrow that embrace cutting-edge environmentally supportive technologies.

An Explora Journeys cruise ship
Credit: Explora Journeys

The cruise line's commitment to sustainability has the admirable goal of setting new standards within the industry. They use Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) engines, certification initiatives, support environmental causes, and cultivate a holistic approach to fostering responsible tourism. Here's how they do it.

A Pledge to Tomorrow's Ships: Fincantieri Partnership

Explora Journeys says its commitment to environmental responsibility is deeply embedded in its partnership with Fincantieri. The collaboration aims to build cruise ships that not only reflect the highest standards of luxury and comfort but also prioritize sustainability. The statement "Explora Journeys - in partnership with Fincantieri - is committed to building the ships of tomorrow" underlines the company's dedication to staying at the forefront of environmentally friendly ship design.

LNG Engines: Powering a Sustainable Future

At the heart of Explora Journeys green initiatives are their LNG engines. These engines represent a significant leap forward in sustainable marine propulsion. It's a cleaner-burning fuel, producing lower emissions compared to traditional marine fuels.

Rina Dolphin Certification: Setting the Standard

Further more, all four Explora Journeys ships are Rina Dolphin certified. RINA, a leading international certification company, awards the Dolphin certification to vessels that meet stringent environmental and sustainability criteria. This certification demonstrates the cruise line's adherence to the highest standards of eco-friendly practices, ensuring that their ships leave minimal impact on the delicate ecosystems they traverse.

Supporting Noble Causes: MSC Foundation Partnership

Beyond the confines of its vessels, Explora Journeys actively contributes to environmental causes through its partnership with the MSC Foundation. The cruise line recognizes the interconnectedness of environmental health and tourism, emphasizing the need to give back to the planet. By aligning with the MSC Foundation, Explora Journeys takes a holistic approach to environmental stewardship, extending its commitment to global initiatives that promote sustainability.

Cultural Spotlights: Fostering Local Talents and Traditions

Explora Journeys takes pride in offering not only luxurious experiences but also immersive encounters with local cultures. Through spotlights on local talents, craftsmanship, culture, gastronomy, and traditions, the cruise line ensures that its impact on destinations is positive. This not only enriches the travel experience for passengers but also supports local economies and preserves cultural heritage.

Destination Experiences: Leaving a Positive Footprint

The cruise line's commitment to responsible tourism also extends to its destination experiences. Explora Journeys seeks to leave a positive impression and footprint on the places and people visited. By prioritizing sustainable tourism practices, the cruise line aims to be a catalyst for positive change in the regions it explores, fostering a symbiotic relationship between tourism and environmental preservation.

Suppliers Certification: Ensuring Ethical Sourcing

Explora Journeys goes beyond the confines of its ships and destination experiences by scrutinizing its supply chain. By prioritizing suppliers certification, the cruise line aims to ensure that the products and services sourced align with ethical and sustainability standards.

Crew Welfare: Development, Training, Diversity

In recognizing the role of its crew in delivering exceptional service and embodying the values of the company, Explora Journeys places a strong emphasis on crew welfare. This includes ongoing development and training programs to enhance skills, ensuring that the crew is well-prepared to implement and uphold the company's sustainability practices. The commitment to diversity ensures that the cruise line fosters an inclusive and supportive work environment for its staff.

Explora Journeys goes beyond the traditional boundaries of luxury cruising, weaving a narrative of environmental stewardship and responsible tourism. From the innovative use of LNG engines to certification initiatives, partnerships with foundations, and a comprehensive approach to sustainable practices, the cruise line sets a standard for the industry.

Explora Journeys not only offers passengers an unforgettable travel experience but also contributes to a future where the seas and oceans remain vibrant and thriving. As a trailblazer in sustainable cruising, the company's commitment to the planet ensures that the voyages of tomorrow are as enriching for the Earth as they are for the travelers on board.


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