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Feeding Democracy - Literally

With the US elections coming up and social distancing being the norm, Pizza to the Polls is on hand to feed voters queuing up to cast their ballot with a free warm meal.

The non-partisan non-profit organization has a simple mission: delivering pizza to those waiting to cast their ballot. Through crowdsourcing on their website, Pizza to the Polls collects donations from mostly small donors and uses them to distribute free slices via food trucks at polling places all around the country.  

In 2018, they raised over $400,000 and managed to feed 611 polling stations across 41 states. This year, they’ve raised more than $500,000 so far and they’re already out feeding early voters with adjusted pandemic safety protocols. Those who wish to get involved can visit their website to donate

Long polling lines are becoming a more prominent issue in the US, especially in densely populated and marginalized communities with limited resources. Long lines for early voting are already stretching out in states like New York and Georgia. 

Pizza to the Polls is a great solution for keeping voters fed, promoting civic engagement, and fighting disenfranchisement caused by underfunded voting infrastructure. As it says on the side of their pizza trucks: Democracy is Delicious.


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