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Five of Europe’s Most Confusing Road Signs

If you have trouble with the language, some would say that's much less complicated than trying to work out what some of Europe's road signs mean.

So, if you’re planning a road trip, understanding these unusual signs could prevent bumps in the road - or a fine.

Road sign in Germany
Credit: Wikimedia

Remember the expression about what bears do in the woods? Well, it doesn't apply to you! If you’re caught short in Germany and see this sign, hard luck: there’s absolutely no urinating or defecating in nature allowed. Better to cross your legs and wait till you find a service station.


Road sign in Spain
Credit: Wikimedia

If you're in Spain and you spot this sign, it doesn't mean that you're heading in the right direction for band rehearsals. It's actually a sign banning the use of honking.


Road sign in Portugal
Credit: Wikimedia

This sign means no hand carts or wheelbarrows are allowed - so don’t forget to leave yours at home.


Road sign in France
Credit: Wikimedia

This one is not a ban on cars self-combusting or a warning that it's about to happen to you. This French road sign is a warning to steer clear should your vehicle contain any dangerous loads or hazardous materials.


Road sign in Norway
Credit: Wikimedia

You’ll see this sign in areas of Norway where moose like to hang out. So, keep your eyes peeled and drive cautiously.



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