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Free App Provides a Dedicated Inbox For Newsletters

It's free and easy to set up, giving you a new distraction-free space for reading and discovering newsletters, separate from your email inbox.

Meco app logo
Why not de-clutter your email inbox?

If, like some of the team at OGN Towers, your inbox tends to get a bit cluttered by non-work / family emails, you might like to try Meco - and start enjoying your newsletters in an app built for reading while giving your inbox space to breathe. The good news is that you can instantly move your newsletters to the app (and clear your inbox) without any hassle.

Meco's handy app comes with the ability to group newsletters, set smart filters, and swipe from newsletter to newsletter in a flash. Here's what one happy Meco user said: "I'm subscribed to around a dozen newsletters, and my biggest problem is sorting through hundreds of other emails each week to find the stuff that I want to read. Thankfully, Meco has a solution. Meco is an app designed for reading newsletters, allowing you to read your favourite content in one place, without the clutter."

Interested? The process is simple: just download the Meco app (it's free), add your favourite newsletters, and start reading! If you like the idea of Spring cleaning your inbox, why not give it a go?

Over 10k readers enjoy their newsletters (and decluttering their inboxes) with Meco - why not try the app today?


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