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From iPhones for Apple to EVs Designed by Pininfarina

Foxxcon, the Taiwanese tech company that makes Apple's iPhone, has unveiled a trio of electric vehicles.

The Taiwanese tech company, best known for manufacturing the Apple iPhone, announced official plans to get into the electric car business last week. And to show how serious the company is, it unveiled three battery-powered prototypes: a luxury sedan, a crossover SUV and a bus.

As is the case with its most famous product, it doesn’t sound like Foxconn plans to sell EVs itself. They will instead be released under the “Foxtron” brand in partnership with other automakers, according to Robb Report.

Perhaps the most intriguing of the new line up is the luxury sedan. The four-door has a sleek design courtesy of longtime-Ferrari partner Pininfarina and Foxxcon says it will be capable of delivering 750 hp, launching from 0 to 62 mph in 2.8 seconds and have a class leading 466 mile range.

Interestingly, the sedan does promise one novel set up that other electric sedans don’t. The company claims that the rear seating area can be transformed into a “dedicated mobile office.” This, they say, will be supported by a host of connectivity innovations.

Whilst Apple has been rumoured, for many years, to be launching an Apple car, it's somewhat ironic that the manufacturer of their iPhones is likely to beat them to market.


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