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Funny Tomb Stones

We've all probably reflected on our own mortality on more than one occasion during the last few months. In between Quarantinis, worrying about the sour dour 'starter' and random purchases of fitness clothing, it's not always been easy - to quote Monty Python - to 'look on the bright side of life'.

So, if you're feeling up for it, how about looking at some humorous tomb stones? Let's kick off with one you've probably heard about, before moving on to another selection that you almost certainly will not have come across before. It's good to have a laugh!

Depending in what esteem you hold your spouse (and vice versa), you might or might not think this next pair of plinths is worth considering for your own:

Obviously big fans of the somewhat obscure band - The Steam - this person wanted to go out with more than one na. But hey hey, why not?

You know those irritating messages you get requesting that you forward it to loads of contacts?

For the mystical amongst you...

If you live in Georgetown (or almost anywhere else) you will appreciate this:

Whatever you're preferred epitaph, make sure you enjoy life!

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