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Go Off-Grid With KiteX

Portable power-generating wind turbine designed to change the camping experience.

The 'Wind Catcher' is the creation of Copenhagen-based startup KiteX, and looks ideal for any and everyone who wants to boost their camping trip with electricty generated by a light-weight, portable wind turbine.

It's made from high-quality recycled materials and uses strings to hold the structure in place (rather like guy ropes on a tent) and, remarkably, can be set up by one person in just 15 minutes (see video below). The Wind Catcher is available in two versions. The first model can produce 200W - enough to power a small fridge, a few lights, and your laptop. The second option can produce 600W and can generate enough power to charge e-bikes and operate power tools - and, of course, the fridge, the lights and your laptop. Prices start at around £750 / $1,000.

“Wind Catcher is durable. It will survive mean wind speeds up to 20 m/s [45 mph] - and gusts even higher,” said Andreas Okholm, the turbine’s inventor.

KiteX is currently raising funding through kickstarter, offering attractive discounts for early pledges.


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