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Good News About The Environment

It's sometimes difficult to see the wood from the trees, but OGN Daily seeks out the positive news about the climate and the environment whenever possible. Happily, almost every day, there's some good news about the environment.

Obviously, the pledges made at COP26 in Glasgow is the major focus of the world at the moment. Does it build on the Paris Agreement and will we be able to restrict global temperature rise to just 1.5C? The jury is going to be out on that for a few years, but here is OGN Daily's summary of the reasons to be optimistic from COP26.

It's not all about governments stopping coal financing and ending fossil fuels, although that's a very significant percentage of the issue facing the planet. A powerful argument about how abruptly production, and consumption, of coal and fossil fuels may shortly end is presented in our recent article: Can Wright's Law Save the World?

Other good news about the environment includes what might be called the mitigating endeavours. Such as a hardy perennial grain with deep root structures called Kernza, which is good news for both agriculture and the planet; or new technology that's sucking carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere called Direct Air Carbon Capture; or company on a double mission: to capture carbon that would otherwise go into our atmosphere and also to provide a sustainable alternative to soy-based feedstock often linked to deforestation. It's making animal feed from CO2.

Most days, OGN finds and publishes some good news about the environment. This may be in the form of a bite sized chunk of good news (featured within our daily round up of postive news nuggets from around the world) or in the form of a more in-depth good news article about the environment. Take a look at our latest good news about the environment.

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