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Good News for Wannabe Marketeers and Techies

Save a ton of cash learning how to maximise your website's performance.

Anyone who runs a website, whether it’s a commerce site, publishing platform, or anything in between, is invested in data. That is, data related to the site’s traffic. If you’re not actively monitoring the analytics behind your site’s traffic, you’re missing key information that’ll let you know what users are interested in, what they’re clicking on, and what they want more of.

Google Analytics is the guv'nor of site analysis. However, it’s not always super intuitive or easy to use. That’s where the Google Analytics Master Class Bundle comes in. This $34 class bundle includes 115 lessons over five courses that’ll help you navigate the world of Google Analytics. Each course is a $199 value, but you’re getting five of them for less than that. The bundle itself usually goes for nearly $1,000 - but not right now.

The 12 hours of content in this course bundle will teach you the necessary skills to measure and assess the traffic of your site. “Google Analytics Certification: Become Certified and Earn More” is a course that can help you become certified in Google Analytics, an important certification if you want to land a role in marketing. The course can help not only on websites that publish content but also on websites that sell items. It features practice questions to help you ace the actual certification.

Every course features valuable knowledge to best utilize the platform and bolster your website. Traffic data alone isn’t helpful if you don’t have the tools and know-how to break it down. Google Analytics can help do that for you - but only if you know how to work it.

Source: Popular Science

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