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Good News Friday

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

Wrapping up the week with a healthy sprinkling of positive news stories.

  • UK minister hails 'game-changing' coronavirus immunity test developed by Roche. It would enable people to be confident that they could no longer get the virus or transmit it to others.

  • Italy: Could the trikini - a bikini plus matching face mask - become this summer's hit on the beach?

  • UK estate agents scramble to deal with soaring enquiries after surprise reopening of property market.

  • Is there anyone anywhere who isn't wishing, or wondering if, they could afford a private jet? It seems it's not as ludicrously expensive as you might think.

  • France: This week marks the official end of le confinement after 8 weeks of quarantine.

  • Digging, weeding and planting improve happiness and 'emotional wellbeing' as much as physical exercise or eating out, study by Princeton University finds.

  • New Zealand: kiwis started queuing at midnight for (much needed) haircuts last night, as lockdown restrictions ease further.

  • Australia: today until Sunday, enjoy a series of live streaming adventures from Down Under.

  • Owner of gym in Bloomington, Illinois, allowed his members to sign out more than $40,000 worth of workout equipment to use at home, free of charge, during the state’s stay-at-home order.


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