OGN Friday

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

Collection of good news snippets from around the globe.

  • UK: In a bid to "unleash the Great British haircut", Boris Johnson is considering proposals for hair salons and barber shops to reopen later this month. We should probably let Boris jump to the front of the queue!

  • Germany: Reveals huge €130bn recovery package designed to give the country an economic boost.

  • US & Canada: Historic deal to protect millions of acres for the Monarch butterfly along its 3,000 mile migration route.

  • New Zealand: Says it will eliminate coronavirus by 15 June.

  • The European Union is preparing to use an emergency €2.4bn fund to make advance purchases of promising vaccines.

  • Spain: Reopening borders with France and Portugal on 22 June.

  • Europe: Survey reveals that during lockdown people are eating healthier, cooking more, and upping their intake of fruit and vegetables.

  • US: Bank of America pledges $1bn to fight racial inequality; Apple, Facebook, Verizon give $10m each.

  • France: The largest urban rooftop farm in the world – and the largest urban farm of any kind in Europe - will be opening in Paris at the end of this month.

  • Colombia: In one of Bogota's trendiest restaurants, a team of chefs that usually caters to the city's well-heeled citizens is preparing meals for a community of people cut off from work and housing during the country's lockdown.