OGN Monday

Round up of good news from around the world to get your week off to a happy start.

  • SpaceX Crew Dragon makes it to ISS and delivers the new crew.

  • Thailand: Southeast Asia’s second biggest economy has passed a record stimulus package of nearly $60 billion to revive its economy.

  • England: British horseracing will commence today, in Newcastle.

  • Italy: The Leaning Tower of Pisa reopened at the weekend, while the Colosseum and Vatican Museums will welcome visitors again from today; Florence’s Uffizi gallery from Tuesday.

  • Paris: City’s mayor, Anne Hidalgo, says cafes, bars and restaurants are temporarily allowed to set up tables on pavements and in parking spaces when they open this week.

  • Lockdown yields first global sound map of spring dawn chorus. Scientists and artists take advantage of low noise levels to record birdsong around world.

  • Two of Islam’s holiest sites have reopened as large numbers of mosques across Saudi Arabia also opened their doors for the first time in more than two months.

  • US: 101-year-old WWII veteran and his daughter (72) both survive coronavirus in Maryland.

  • We know renewable energy technology can produce electricity from the sun’s rays, the force of the wind, and the power of the waves - which makes one wonder why a 3-in-1 hybrid wasn’t made 20 years ago.

  • Brazil: Indigenous people in the Amazon win historic lawsuit against illegal logging, after 24 years in court.

  • Wales: Prince William and Kate Middleton were guest bingo callers in call to nursing home. The royals joined the residents of Shire Hall Care Home in Cardiff, remotely to brighten their day by taking a turn as bingo callers.

  • Jerusalem: Scientists found weed at an ancient altar from biblical times. A sanctuary called the “Holy of Holies” offers “the earliest evidence for the use of cannabis in the Ancient Near East.” The pot dealer is still, so far, evading the long arm of the law.

  • New England: Necco Wafers candies make a sweet comeback after 2-year absence.

  • Texas: They couldn’t receive their diplomas on stage because of the coronavirus outbreak, so he brought the graduation to them instead. A Texas high school principal traveled 1,500 miles over a 10-day period to congratulate each of his 240 seniors personally at their homes.

  • Whale Music: wouldn't it be wonderful if this video was real? Take a look: