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Good News Monday

Getting your week off to a positive start with some snippets of uplifting news.

  • Italy: Ferrari reopens with safety protocols as Italian industry gets back on track.

  • Coronavirus could 'burn out naturally' so vaccine not needed, claims former WHO director.

  • Belgium: Appears possible that llamas may hold the key to protection.

  • UK hotels, campsites and holiday parks scheduled to reopen in July.

  • Hundreds of cities worldwide transform streets into cycling routes and pedestrian walkways - with plans to stay that way.

  • Al fresco pubs and dining to save the high street. UK Ministers are considering a "blanket permission" for restaurants and cafes to make use of public squares for stalls, taking its cue from Vilnius, Lithuania - the first European city to adopt this approach.

  • UK Government is investing £93 million to bring forward the opening of a new vaccine-manufacturing centre in Oxford from 2022 to 2021, plus a further £38 million in a rapid deployment facility which will be able to begin manufacturing at scale from this summer if a vaccine becomes available before the new centre is complete.

  • Great to see Barak Obama raising his head above the parapet again and proving that (former) US Presidents can be coherent, non self-serving and inspiring. See and hear what he had to say to the Class of 2020.

  • Fish and chips enjoying a surge in popularity as a take-away during lockdown.

  • Face masks are going to be part of the 'new normal'. Here's our 6 tips to help you.

  • With the Eurovision Song Contest cancelled due to you know what, this was a contest like no other. In Saturday night's Eurovision-themed entertainment, Abba's Waterloo was crowned the best Eurovision song ever by the British public.

  • No need to wait for the end of lockdown: here's how two couples can dine together.

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