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Good News Wednesday

Updated: Oct 1, 2023

Smorgasbord of tasty news nuggets to help ensure it's a sunny day.

Chair made for the King's Coronation in May 2022
Credit: Christie's
Coronation Chairs

Twelve chairs made for the King’s Coronation will be sold by Christie’s in the autumn. The auction house announced that it would open browsing in October for the six pairs of historic chairs which were used to seat members of the Royal family as well as dignitaries in Westminster Abbey on 6 May last year. It is understood that their specific occupants will be kept under wraps, however, to keep the pricing of the chairs at a similar level. The sustainably made oak chairs used for the King’s ceremony will be offered in London, New York and Paris on consecutive days. The sale will raise funds for four charities.

Paleolithic cave art site, Spain
Partly flooded chamber which contains most of the motifs | Credit: A Ruiz-Redondo|V Barciela|X Mart
Paleolithic Cave Art

Archaeologists have discovered a major Paleolithic cave art site near Valencia in Spain. More than 100 ancient paintings and engravings, thought to be at least 24,000 years old, have been found in a 500 meter-long cave in Cueva Dones. The large number of motifs and the variety of techniques involved in their creation make the cave the most important Paleolithic cave art site on the eastern Mediterranean coast of the Iberian Peninsula. Findings of a study into the cave art, which highlight its true significance, are now published in the journal Antiquity.

Lithium From Seawater

Princeton researchers have invented a better way to extract lithium from saltwater using porous strings that naturally concentrate lithium salts as water evaporates. With potential for large-scale production from new sources like seawater, the breakthrough could reduce the cost of lithium-ion batteries, and support the growth and sustainability of clean energy technology.

Star Wars X-Wing model
Credit: Gene Kozicki | Heritage Auctions
Missing X-Wing

A long-lost model of an X-Wing Fighter that was used in the original Star Wars movie has been put up for auction. Bids are starting at $400,000 for the 20 inch model that was discovered in the collection of the late Oscar-nominated model-maker Greg Jein. Visual effects expert Gene Kozicki told The Hollywood Reporter that the model was regarded as a “white whale” because no one knew where it was. Heritage Auctions said it is the “pinnacle” of Star Wars artefacts to “ever reach the market”.


“If you see ten troubles coming down the road, you can be sure that nine will run into the ditch before they reach you.” Calvin Coolidge

On this Day

13 September 122: Romans begin building Hadrian's Wall, Northern England.


Mood Booster

Bottlenose dolphins are incredibly intelligent. Off the coast of South Africa they surf the waves. As far as we can tell they do it for the sheer joy of it.


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