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Good News Today

Welcome to OGN Daily: the online sanctuary that you can be sure will only publish good news today, and every day.

Street poster saying: Good News Today

Mainstream media knows that bad news sells better than good news. That's why, when you read the newspapers or turn on the TV, they continuously bombard people with news that's a long way short of being uplifting or positive. It's the sad reality of today's media. And it's why OGN Daily exists. We focus on everything that's upbeat, optimistic, promising, inspiring - to put a spring in your step.

We have a small team of editors (based in England, France, America and Canada) who sift through the global news to find the little (or big) gems that will help nourish our mood, and brighten the day. We then collate these stories into a daily digest of good news nuggets and publish them, alongside a couple of longer positive news articles. So, whether you've got two minutes or 10 minutes, you can get your daily dose of good news. It's only good news today, tomorrow, and every day.

You can either check in to our website whenever you feel like it or you can wake up in the morning with our goodnewsletter delivered to your email inbox. What could be better than starting your day with 'good news today'? Simply sign up - it takes only a few seconds and it's completely free. And, should you decide that you no longer want good news today (or, rather, tomorrow), it's just as quick to cancel your free subscription. What's not to like?

OGN Daily covers a hugely diverse range of subjects. Essentially, we go where the good news today takes us. Why not take a look around? Click All for all our latest good news in chronological order, or filter by subject, such as Environment, Wellbeing, Lifestyle or Culture. Or enjoy some of our fun, mood boosting videos.

Isn't it good news that good news today and everyday is now within your grasp? Join our thousands of daily readers by signing up and putting a smile on your face.


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