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Good News Today

In a world where the media only seems to report bad news, it's refreshing to know that Only Good News Daily provides an upbeat sanctuary for its readers by publishing all the good news that happens around the world, every day. Happily, if you know where to look - there's lots of it! So, it's just good news today, tomorrow and every day at OGN Daily.

Mug inscribed with: Good News Today

OGN has a team of editors based in the UK, America, France and Canada who scan the daily news media around the globe, looking for the most inspiring, positive news stories. We then carefully edit and curate them, and publish them to create the day's good news for our thousands of readers to enjoy.

'Good News Today' is always an eclectic bundle of stories, but the lead article is always - except on Sundays - a collection of bite sized chunks of good news, covering numerous subjects. Such as the environment, culture, kindness, nature, conservation, sustainability, philanthropy, science and positive technological advances. The day's good news also includes a couple of more in-depth uplifting articles, and a daily mood boosting video.

On Sundays, we publish the OGN Good News Magazine, featuring half a dozen articles and a couple of great videos.

Our good news today, and every day, has no hidden agenda or financial influence. OGN's mission is simple: to make our readers feel more positive about life and to put a smile on everyone's faces.

And it's free! Most people sign up to enjoy receiving their good news of the day by email every morning, whilst others simply visit our whenever the mood takes them and they want some good news today.

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