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OGN Sunday

Uplifting selection of good news snippets to make sure it's a sunny Sunday.

  • In good news for historians, linguists, archaeologists and etymologists, researchers at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory say AI may soon help them decipher ancient languages.

  • The first drug that could halt Alzheimer's may be offered to patients in Britain within a year. Trials have found that patients given aducanumab saw improvements in their language skills and ability to keep track of time and place, along with a slower loss of memory. Scientists hope the new treatment, which works by helping to untangle clumps of plaque in the brain, could be the first to halt disease progression.

  • Thanks to the silence created by lockdown, scientists in Australia have been able to record the uninterrupted sounds of the endangered Burrunan dolphins for the first time and are starting to get a better handle on their language. Every cloud has a silver lining!

  • Revolut boss named as UK's first tech start-up billionaire. Nikolay Storonsky, co-founder and chief executive of the banking start-up Revolut, has a net worth of just over £1bn.

  • Smart tech cycling helmet: Review of the Coros SafeSound Road helmet. With bluetooth headphones, a microphone, a tail light, and more tech, it's one smart cycling lid. Something to add to your Christmas list?

  • Scientists have developed a special breath test that can quickly detect head and neck cancers with a high degree of accuracy. Around the world, head and neck cancers account for six percent of all cancers. Treatments can be effective, but that’s only if the disease is diagnosed early on, which is why this new breath test is so important.

  • Hero Bangladeshi Doctor: Creates low-cost machine (that includes a shampoo bottle) to cut pneumonia mortality rates at his hospital by 75 percent.

  • There hasn't been much good news coming out of Yemen for a while, and the country ranks as the worst place in the world for women on the World Economic Forum’s annual Global Gender Gap Index. So, here's some good news, particularly for women!

  • After being discovered on a Liverpool street called John Lennon Drive, a ginger tabby named Lennon is now playing big brother to another kitten in care - called Ringo. Their bond is so strong that the RSPCA would like to re-home the fluffy pair together. Maybe everyone in Liverpool names their cat after a Beatle?

  • Remembrance Day is on the horizon and The Not Forgotten, a British Armed Forces charity for serving and ex-service men and women, have launched a brand new campaign, the ‘Forgot You Not’ campaign, which is being described as "a national call to find and thank our forgotten WWII veterans." There is currently no definitive register of those who fought for their country in WWII, so the charity is asking for the public’s help to find surviving veterans. The aim is to send a Forgot You Not gift box to 5,000 veterans to thank them for their service, lift spirits, remind them their service remains valued and let them know they are not forgotten.

  • Fans of the movie Legally Blonde starring Reese Witherspoon will undoubtedly enjoy watching the cast's 20 year reunion. It's 20 minutes long but, hey, it's Sunday! And it should definitely cheer you up.

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