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OGN Thursday

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Collection of good news snippets to brighten your day.

  • Comet Neowise photographed speeding over Stone Henge. Have you spotted it in the sky yet? If not, don't worry, it makes its closest pass to earth on 23 July. It would be a shame to miss the spectacle as it won't be back for another 6,000 years!

  • In good news for the UK treasury, Asos has said it will repay the money claimed for furloughed workers as sales at the online fashion retailer rose by 10% during lockdown.

  • Smile: Often credited as the work of comedian Spike Milligan, but actually written by Jez Alborough, this delighted poem called Smiling is Infectious, first published in 1991, is perfect for today's world.

  • Kanye West has changed his mind. He's no longer going to run for president. What a pity.

  • Kind 'dad' who ran away from home in Uganda, aged 10, and was saved by a parental figure, pays it forward by adopting an abandoned boy.

  • US: Moderna has been at the forefront of developing a coronavirus vaccine and has now come out with more positive news: their vaccine was tested on 45 healthy adults and demonstrated a boost in their immune system. This paves the way for a bigger trial on nearly 30,000 healthy individuals, set to begin on 27 July.

  • Million mile battery: Electric vehicle makers hope to roll out super long-lasting batteries. That raises interesting questions about resources, performance - and a battery's second (and even third) act.

  • Pregnant NHS worker who broke down in tears when thieves stole maternity clothes from her car says she could 'cry with happiness' after stranger contacts her out of the blue to offer to cover the cost.

  • Nicknamed 'Godzilla', an enormous dust cloud has travelled nearly 5,000 from the Sahara, across the Atlantic, to the Caribbean and USA. Watch this amazing 2 minute satellite video from ESA tracking its trans-atlantic journey.

  • Mary Trump free to promote tell-all book after judge lifts temporary restraining order.

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